First Stage Performance

Well its official, Ruchi is definitely not a stage performer, or so it seemed after her performance today. But who cares! It was her first stage performance and she was adorable. All week long, I was asking Ruchi what they were doing for their spring program, but she kept saying “Nothing”. So when I opened their program booklet, I was very surprised to see that they will be singing fifteen songs. The kids came up on stage ten minutes before their performance and waited patiently for the curtain to rise. But Ruchi being the curious one, lifted the curtain and tried to take a peak at the audience. When the curtains finally parted, all the kids became very excited looking for their parents. Praveen was a little disappointed that Ruchi was not in the middle, but with twenty kids on stage at the same time, you can’t have everyone in the middle. Ruchi started of well, singing and enacting the songs, but when she spotted her dad in front row, she became excited, and at the same time started wondering where I was. Since her teachers were blocking my view, I had gone to the corner, to shoot the video of the entire performance. Every few seconds she would mouth the words “Where is amma”, until she found me. And then her excitement knew no bounds. While performing every few seconds she would look at us and giggle. Half way through the program, we noticed that she had stopped singing, and just kept looking at us and giggling. And then at one point she corrected her partner, by asking him to stop singing, because he was singing out of line. Then there was the time when they had to pick up scarves and enact a song. After they were done, they had to leave the scarves on the floor, and continue with another song. While the other kids we singing, she was busy, neatly stacking up the scarves. But on the whole, though she did not do a great job, she did do a decent job for a three year old, who has been in school for just three months. I later found out that the kids had been practicing the songs for a while on and off throughout the year, and since Ruchi was new, she didn’t know all of the songs well. At least I am glad, she did not just sit on the floor with a sad face and refuse to sing, or stick out her tongue and make silly faces , or just not sing at all like some of the other kids on stages. It was such a heartwarming experience to see twenty, three-year-old kids dressed in bright spring colored shirts, singing or doing their own things on stage. After the program, they had a snack party in their classroom, where all the parents got to mingle with each other. With her first performance done, here’s hoping that she will be much better next time around.

Easter Celebrations at Cupertino Memorial Park

With Praveen still away from home, Ruchi and I started browsing online to see what we would do on this beautiful and first day of her spring break.It was a good thing I was browsing, because I had totally forgotten about some of the egg hunts that were taking place this week in nearby neighborhoods. When I asked Ruchi if she wanted to go, she said yes. So we quickly got ready, and drove to the the one in Cupertino, which I felt Ruchi would enjoy. The Easter celebrations that we have been to till now, always started off with an egg hunt, and if you were late by five minutes, it meant that you have missed the egg hunt for the year. So when we arrived at the park at five minutes past eleven, due to unavailability of parking spots nearby, I was very sure that we had missed the egg hunt. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that these organizers did things differently. They handed out tokens for each egg hunt, and they held an egg hunt every forty-five minutes. Since the 11:45 egg hunt was full, we ended up in the 12:30 egg hunt, which meant we had a good hour to spend in the park. Thanks to the activities, organized in the park, the wait did not seem too long. We first stooped at the balloon animal tent for a giraffe balloon, followed by tossing rings to win some bubble solution and a monkey toy. From there we went to the arts and crafts section where Ruchi made her own photo frame. She wanted a pink heart photo frame, and when she found out that they were out of pink hearts, she settled for a blue rectangle, but insisted that she wanted only purple stickers to decorate her frame. After that we stopped at the balloon stall where she ended waiting for nearly ten minutes to get a purple balloon (they were randomly picking out balloons and blowing them, so she waited till they blew up a purple one). After that we sat in the grass to play with her goodies and watch a puppet show. When it got too hot, we went into the shade where she spent the rest of the time picking daisies. When it was finally time, we went and stood at the starting line, waiting for them to sound the buzzer. Ruchi was very excited, and said she was going to pick the pink egg that she could see in front of her. I reminded her of what happened yesterday, so she agreed to pick other colors too. When it was time, I let her go in, while I waited for her at the finish line. She ran and picked the pink egg, and then started to pick other eggs around her. Sadly though, another boy right behind her, was taking the eggs from her basket and putting them in his basket. It took Ruchi a few minutes to realize that her eggs were missing, but by then it was too late, all the eggs in the field had disappeared. All she managed to get were two eggs. She came out and said, “Amma I am very sad, I have only two eggs”. I told her that she was better than others, who got no eggs at all. That seemed to cheer her. She sat down to open her eggs, and when she was done going through the goodies, she was ready to go home. Next time I take her egg hunting, I better carry a few eggs with me, to fill her basket, in case she isn’t lucky again.

Easter Egg Hunt at School

Yay its Spring Break! And what better way to celebrate the last day of school, than having your own pre-Easter celebrations. That is exactly what Ruchi’s school did. They organized an Easter party for the students, and parents were invited for the celebration. Ruchi has been very excited about the egg hunt since yesterday. She kept telling me that she was going to pick all the pink and purple eggs. I tried to explain to her that if she went looking for pink and purple eggs, she might end up with no eggs in her basket. Egg hunt for Ruchi’s class was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. I went a little early to help the other parents to set up the field. And when it was time, the teachers opened the doors and the kids were surprised to see their moms on the fields. They all waited patiently in a line, until their teacher said it was time for them to go find the eggs. It was funny watching them all run in the same direction. After a few seconds they realized that the eggs were all over the field. Ruchi found her first egg under the slide, So she kept looking for eggs only under the slides. Sadly I was so busy taking pictures, I did not realize that my poor baby had found only one egg. By the time she came and told me, all the eggs had gone. I saw her running all over the field and I just assumed that she had picked more than one. It did not strike me why she had only one egg, until I looked in her basket. There it was a single pink egg. She had been looking only for pink and purple eggs, and had missed her chance. I told her it was alright, one egg is enough. And she said, “But Amma I wanted four. Miss Minu and Miss Jeannie said we should each pick four”. That is when Miss Minu came to her rescue. She said, sadly some kids picked more than four, so she gave Ruchi three more eggs to make hers an even four. Now she was happy and gave up her quest for more eggs. She joined her friends inside for some tasty juice and party snacks. It was really wonderful taking part in her first school event. Later when it was time to go home, she was so happy that she could take her basket with her. She couldn’t wait to get home to open the eggs to see what was inside.