Its Soccer Time!!!

Having missed her first soccer session last week due to our cruise, Ruchi decided to make up for everything she had missed. She was very excited from the moment she woke up in the morning. Once she was dressed, she couldn’t wait to go. We arrived fifteen minutes before her class was supposed to start. It was impossible to hold her back while the previous class practiced. Those fifteen minutes, might have been the longest fifteen minutes of her life. Finally when it was time, she ran on to the field, and had a great time. There was one important thing, I forgot to tell her before she got on the field, and that was, never to touch the ball with her hand. For the first half of the session, she would pick the ball with her hand, every time she felt, she was a little behind, and run to the front of the class, and then put it back in the grass, to kick it. After being told by the coach, a couple of times, she finally understood and stopped picking up the ball from then on. It was hilarious, how she picked and threw the ball with her hands for her first goal. By the end of the class, she figured it out, and I must say, did OK for her first class. Now she can’t wait to go back on the field again.