Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton

After a relaxed day, home cooked goodies and a late night movie, we decided to continue our seven year anniversary by going to place we haven’t gone to before. Our first thought was to go to Gilroy Gardens, but when we realized that the park closes by five, we decided to go somewhere close by this time. So after a great meal at DishDash, we set out to check out Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton. Praveen has been promising to take us there for almost a year, so we decided today was going to be the day. The drive up to the mountain was as exciting as the place itself. We had to cross quite a few hills before we reached Mount Hamilton. The drive was so thrilling, with narrow roads, and sharp curves and deep valleys, all through the drive, that Ruchi was holding on to her seat tightly asking her dad to drive very carefully. Praveen had a great time driving, While Ruchi and I held on tightly while we checked out the beautiful views. This was Ruchi’s first trip to the observatory, and she was very excited to see the pictures displaying astronomical wonders and the Television screens playing videos of all the beautiful things in the Universe. She was very excited to see the 36 inch telescope in one of the observatories. Since it resembled the telescope she has at home, she could relate to it. Sadly the 3m-Shane (120 inch) telescope, the second biggest in the world, did not have the same effect on her. I guess the fact that it did not look like a traditional telescope had something to do with it. Besides telescope, we also got a great view of eagles flying close by, and saw a bunch of squirrels, cattle and even a couple of foxes on our drive. Overall it was definitely a trip worth taking, and looking at Ruchi’s enthusiasm, I think its time we took her to a planetarium.

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