First Swimming Lesson

After many days of flirting with the idea of enrolling Ruchi in a swim class, I finally took the leap and enrolled her at the Santa Clara International Swim Center. Today was her first official class. Ever since Ruchi played in the pool during summer, she was craving to get back into the pool to learn some actual swimming. So when I told her that I had enrolled her in swim lessons, she was eagerly waiting for her first class. She was very happy that her friend Anay was going to be in her class. So soon after school, I picked her up and brought her to the pool, where her coach Hector was waiting for them. Ruchi was very excited and took to the water immediately. She hung on to her float and did everything the coach asked her to do. She even enjoyed being dipped into the water a couple of times, by her coach. I loved the creative methods the coach used to get the kids comfortable in water. By the end of the session, I was very impressed when Ruchi swam a small distance without any floats. It was a very short distance, but her confidence to willing to do it without floats on the first day amazed me. The only thing I noticed she wasn’t comfortable with, was float on her back. The uncertainty of not being able to see where she was going, seemed to scare her, even though her coach was holding her. Hopefully she will get over that fear soon.

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