Halloween Celebrations

Now that she is a four year old, and going to school, Ruchi is very much aware of what is Halloween and how it is celebrated. She had decided a month ago, she was going to be a princess like Ariel, for Halloween. I bought a couple of costumes, hoping to persuade her to change her mind. I didn’t want her to be a princess like more than half the kids her age. But she did not budge from her decision. On Halloween day, she was super-excited that she could finally dress up like a princess to school. At 2:15 Praveen and I went to her school, to watch their Halloween costume parade and concert. All the kids looked adorable in their costumes, and Ruchi’s face lit up when she saw us in the crowd. At the after party, all the kids had fun eating and talking excitedly, while their parents clicked pictures. Later in the evening, Shreyas, came over to our place, and we all went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Ruchi being the only one old enough to ring doorbells, had a great time. When we were done, Ruchi couldn’t wait to get back home to check out her collection. It was so sad too see her excitement, but not able to enjoy any of the goodies. She opened up around ten candies one after another, gave them a lick and then threw them in the trash. I literally had to hide the rest of the candies, because I knew she would keep doing it till she ran out of candies, hoping to find at least one that she might like. But I know that is an impossible thing, because she hates anything that tastes sweet. On the whole, with Siddhu’s Halloween party last night and today’s celebration at school, it turned out to be a very memorable Halloween this year.

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