Back to School

After a week of shivering, coughing and sneezing, Ruchi was finally ready to go back to school. This is the longest Ruchi has ever been sick. But thankfully she was a very nice patient, and did not trouble me much. After a week of staying home, she was more than ready to go back to school, and was very excited when she remembered that today was the day she was supposed to dress up as a cowgirl. Initially I had planned on buying her a cowgirl outfit for today. But since we were house arrested for the past week, I never got a chance to go out shopping. So we had to make do with stuff that was in the house. We ended up using Praveen’s hat, which was not bad on Ruchi, though it was a little big. She was very excited and couldn’t wait to show it off to her teacher. At school the teacher told me that many of the kids were sick and that the class strength was at 50% since yesterday.