Christmas Tree

After much speculation we decided that us moving later in the month, should not be the reason for Ruchi not having a Christmas tree this year. So yesterday, I promised Ruchi that I would set up the tree for her in the evening. In the evening, one thing led to another and before I knew it, it was time for bed. But Ruchi, who had been patiently waiting for me to set up the tree, reminded me of my promise. So at 10:30 pm I had to go into the garage to fish out the box, with the tree. And when I got the tree inside, Ruchi was so happy, that she spent the rest of the night, helping me set it up and decorate. After almost an hour, we were finally done. Ruchi was so proud, that she had helped set up the tree, that she ran upstairs for her camera, and started taking pictures of the tree. Now she can’t wait to invite her friends over to show off her tree. Its been twenty-four hours since we set up the tree, and Ruchi must have gone to the tree a hundred times to check and see if Santa had left anything for her in her stocking and under the tree. When I told her that he wont be paying her a visit until the night of 24th., she replied to me saying that he was already on his way, and since she has a lot of friends to whose house he must visit, he was running a little late. She also asked me to tell Santa to use the front door and not the chimney, since chimney’s are not safe. She doesn’t want her Santa to get burnt 🙂

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