First Bommala Koluvu

To keep up with the festivities of Sankranthi, today we decided to build a bommala koluvu. This is usually done at the beginning of the festival by the little girls of the household assisted by their mom, and is shown off to guests who visit the house. It is meant to encourage the creativity and organizational skills of the child. Sadly with a party yesterday, today was the only day we had available to do it. Well, better late than never. At first I wanted to build a traditional one, but when I saw how limited my collection of India dolls were and Ruchi’s enthusiasm to include all her collection, we decided to go big and make it into something Ruchi would love. Having just moved, we had an unlimited supply of boxes in all shapes and sizes. After building the steps and covering it with a sheet, Ruchi had a great time placing her dolls on the steps. Pretty soon we ran out of place, Ruchi was a little sad that she couldn’t fit all her dolls in the Koluvu. Overall it ended up being a pretty neat koluvu with Barbies and Princesses dominating the place. Ruchi loves her koluvu so much, that she can’t stop admiring it and resetting it every few minutes. It was so exciting putting the bommala koluvu together, that we have decided to build one at the beginning of the festival from next year. Time to start collecting some proper traditional dolls.