Half Moon Bay

After a long time, we were finally free this weekend, with no parties or prior engagements. To make the most of our free weekend, we decided to go on a drive to check out some places that we hadn’t seen before. One of the places we haven’t visited to date is Half moon bay, so we decided to check it out today. By the time we reached Half moon bay, it was lunch time, so we decided to stop for lunch. One of the places that popped up on our search of good local restaurants was White Elephant Thai restaurant. The food was good. This particular restaurant is very famous for its coconut custard, (custard cooked in a young coconut and then left in the refrigerator for some time to set). For someone who is not a fan of sweets, I have to say, this desert did not disappoint me. After lunch we went to the beach. We were surprised at how pleasant it was at the beach. We had layered up, thinking that it would be very cold. But the weather was so pleasant, that we had to remove all our jackets and sweaters. Seeing all the kids playing, Ruchi wanted to go into the water. Luckily she had a layer of tights under her pants. So we dropped our plans of driving, and ended up spending time at the beach, playing in the water and watching the beautiful waves. There were quite some surfers, in the sea, trying to ride the waves. I haven’t seen such beautiful rolling of the waves in a long time. At the end of the day, we were so happy that we went to Half moon bay. It really felt like early summer. On our way home, Ruchi kept asking if we could go back again next week.