First Solo Live Performance

Another day to add to our list of memories!! And what a memorable day it was. Today was Millikin Talent Show, and it was Ruchi’s first live solo performance. When the school had auditions a few weeks ago, Ruchi decided to sing a song. After many changes, she decided to sing “The sun will come out tomorrow” on the day before the auditions. Since she had very little practice, I had lost all hope of her getting selected, but surprisingly, she sang very well. She did not miss a lyric or a note. Needless to say, she got selected. The only feed back we got from the judges, was to add music to her performance. After a lot of searching, I found a Karaoke music, for the restricted time limit. Sadly the beat and tempo of the song was a little different from what Ruchi was used to and she was having a hard time trying to sing with the music. WIth school and other activities and with just a week to perform, Ruchi wasn’t at her best. Anyway we decided not to force her, and just let her have fun. She was so excited today, that she came home from school, finished her homework, took a short nap and was all ready for her performance. In the auditorium, she had to sit on her own, with the other performers. She did not show any signs of being scared. When it was time for her performance, she went up on stage, and sang her heart out. I was very happy to see that she had stuck to the music. Though her performance was not as good as the audition, we were very happy and so was she. She was even more proud, when all the teachers and parents came to congratulate her, and tell her how well she sang. I was a little worried, how she would react to the bright lights, and hundreds of people watching her, but she had absolutely no stage fear. Definitely a Proud day for Praveen and me.